Lead Unity Developer


  • Developing next-gen cross-platform VR games using Unity

  • Help suggest features and implement them

  • Working on all aspects of the codebase to make a better product - content pipeline, editor tools, game code, etc

  • Able to switch between hacky rapid prototyping and writing maintainable, dependency injected, unit tested code


  • Has at least 5+ years experience developing 3D games using Unity, with 7+ years general programming experience

  • Has worked with Zenject or other dependency injection framework

  • Has a solid understanding of the Unity 3D game engine and deep understanding of one or more areas, e.g. Particle System, Asset Bundles, Animation, GUI, Audio

  • Excellent C# (.Net 3.5) skills

  • Led a team to ship a product

  • Is competent with general game dev concepts, AI, rendering, backend comms

  • Knows how to profile, debug and write low latency, low garbage code

  • Is proficient in written and spoken English

  • Experience with web or server-side development



  • Loves game programming

  • Thrives in ambiguous situations

  • Brings multiple skills to a project e.g coding, art, animation, sound & music design

  • Awesome at design patterns, knows their way around a message bus

  • Has previously worked on VR projects - mobile or desktop

  • Enjoys building games in their free time, at game jams or on their sofa

  • Located in Shanghai

CONTACT: Michael Lewis [m (at) 2049vr.com]

michael lewis