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2049VR specializes in VR/AR focused entertainment properties:
FUTURESPACE is a live events platform with a decentralized economy that provides the blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts for end-to-end event creation, management, and distribution
FUTUREJAM is an electronic music rhythm game playable on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and PSVR (coming soon)

michael lewis

Michael Lewis, Co-Founder

Michael was previously the GM of Vive X Beijing and VP of the Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance ("VRVCA"). He has been involved in the tech industry for over a decade as both an entrepreneur and investor.

After cofounding two venture-backed startups in the mobile internet space in Beijing, he joined AWS to help spread cloud computing awareness and usage amongst startups in China. Prior to moving to China, Michael invested in growth-stage Fintech startups for JPMorgan in NYC.

Michael's favorite games include Fallout 4 VR, Shenmue, Final Fantasy X, Goldeneye and The Last of Us.

alan stafford

Alan Stafford, Co-Founder

Alan has over a decade and half of experience in the tech industry working as a software architect, technology director, technology strategist and creative developer. He was most recently at frog design as a Senior Solutions Architect, developing development strategies for multinational telcos and bringing VR into the agency’s design toolset.

Alan originally started out writing enterprise software for over a decade at a large multinational. Needing something more creative he moved to AKQA Shanghai to act as Tech Director, running a development team building multiple award winning apps and experiences for Nike and Budweiser.

Alan's favorite games include Civilization Revolution, Kerbal Space Program and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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